About the Pilo’s Brand

We’re More Than Just Tacos

Our Mission:

Employing Individuals with Special Abilities

The Pilo’s brand is one of the largest employers for individuals with “special abilities” in the hospitality sector. We work closely with local and national organizations to source the best talent and heart of the Pilo’s family. People with “special abilities” make up the largest minority in the US and we are committed to shattering the disability employment gap.

20 %

of Pilo’s Employees Have “Special Abilities”

5 +

Special Abilities Organization Partners



Pilo's Partners


Pilo's Tacos Derek Gonzales

Derek Gonzalez

Owner & Founder

Pilo's Tacos Lisa Gonzales

Lisa Gonzalez

Owner & Founder

Pilo's Tacos Charlie Walk

Charlie Walk

Strategic Partner

Pilo's Tacos

Uliz Diaz

General Manager

Pilo's Tacos

Jake Hermelo

Entertainment Manager

Pilo's Tacos

Erick Lopez

Executive Chef

Pilo's Tacos

Luciana Rankins

Beverage Manager