6 Miami Restaurants Near Iconic Film Locations

Not only is Miami a culinary destination, the city has been the background for many iconic movies and TV shows that even if you haven’t watched, you have definitely heard about. That is why below we present you with six Miami restaurants located near iconic film locations, so you also feel part of the movies while enjoying some delicious food and great ambiance.

Pilo’s Tequila Garden


158 NW 24th St. / Website

The only tequila garden in the world, Pilo’s Tequila Garden is an indoor/outdoor facility in the center of Wynwood decorated with vibrant murals and serving a selection of tequilas, margaritas, and tacos. It is situated in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, known for its unique bars, artisanal restaurants, and one of the world’s biggest open-air street art installations! Richly designed, Pilo’s features custom sculptures and paintings by national and international artists, including Domingo Zapata, Vic Garcia, and Mariela Nunez, along its altar-style bar. The stunning mural in the tequila garden was explicitly painted for Pilo’s by the visual artists Senkoe and Vic Garcia and is inspired by Mexico City. Upon entering Pilo’s, visitors are taken to the streets of Mexico City and welcomed by lively, colorful hand-painted murals from local and international artists, showcasing inclusion and unity.

Credits: https://oceandrive.com/miami-restaurants-near-film-locations