12 Fantastic Miami Restaurants To Try During National Hispanic Heritage Month

Miami is known for its vibrant and dynamic Hispanic community; around 70 % of the city’s population identifies as Hispanic. For that reason, there is no better place to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month than in the Magic City while indulging in some fantastic restaurants. Whether it is Hispanic-owned or the food is Hispanic-inspired, below, you will find 12 restaurants to celebrate this special annual celebration.

Pilo’s Street Tacos


28 SW 11th St. / Website

Background: Colombian chef, Mexican owner

Pilo’s creator Derek Gonzalez set out to locate the most authentic street tacos in Miami after remembering the tacos his late Aunt Pilo prepared in Mexico when he was a child. Gonzalez built his first Pilo’s Street Tacos shop in 2017, dissatisfied with what he found, a quick-service restaurant concept focusing on its original, robust flavors and inclusive environment. Pilo’s menu features simple, tasty Mexican cuisine that leaves you wanting more with every taste. The menu offers nearly every protein you can think of, from meat and seafood to vegetarian tacos. Birria Tacos, Carnal Tacos, El Pescadito Beer-battered Taco, El Costeito Beer-battered Taco, and much more are available. Pilo’s senior chef, Chef Erick Lopez, was influenced by his childhood in Colombia and real Mexican street food. Combining the two was his method of fusing two cultures into one while preserving Mexico as his primary influence.

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