Pilo’s Chef Erick Lopez Shows You How to Throw the Ultimate Taco Party at Home

Fall is officially here. The temperatures have become comfortable in Miami, football season is in full swing, and we’re gearing up for the holidays. 

There’s no better time to invite friends over for a get-together. And there’s no better get-together than one with tacos. Tacos are the ultimate food — they’re portable, customizable, and delicious. They go with everything from beer to margaritas to an ice-cold Mexican Coke and they’re one of the few items that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And, of course, there’s taco Tuesday — an entire day of the week devoted to the beloved item.

As corporate chef and general manager for Pilo’s Street Tacos, Erick Lopez is an expert on the subject. New Times tapped his expertise on how to throw the ultimate taco party at home. From where to source the best tortillas in Miami to what to drink with your tacos, here are chef Lopez’s tips on how to host the best taco party ever.

Everything Starts With Good Tortillas

Tortillas are the foundation of every taco, and Lopez quickly puts an end to the flour vs. corn debate. “Corn tortillas are always the way to go,” he notes, adding that they last longer. At Pilo’s, Lopez’s team makes fresh corn tortillas daily, but he says there are plenty of places in Miami where you can buy fresh tortillas. “I like to go to the Homestead Mexican Market on weekends. I make a day of it,” he says. Before your guests arrive, heat any type of nonstick skillet or sauté pan and heat the tortillas in them one by one. To keep them warm, put them in a bowl with a little towel and cover them. “That keeps them warm until your guests arrive,” says Lopez.

Credits: https://www.miaminewtimes.com/restaurants/pilos-street-tacos-miami-how-to-host-a-taco-party-at-home-15531226